Bro Sports: A Declaration of Bro

What a ridiculous name for a website.
Seriously? BroSports? C’mon guys, it’s the future, people have hoverboards and self-tying shoes. Surely, we’re better than a website titled BroSports, yeah?
Well, first off, don’t call me Shirley. Secondly? Apparently not. But, you’ve made it this far, so you might as well hear this Bro out.

Bro Sports: A Declaration of Bro

I, your humble founding bro, have been writing about sports for almost a decade. I’ve written everywhere from social media and small-time blogs to historical newspapers and massive sports networks, and while I’ve achieved varying levels of success, one thing has been consistently drilled into my head.

It’s hard to make it in this business.

There are thousands of vocal, opinionated, educated sportswriters out here trying have their voice heard, while making a little bit of dough in the process. Frankly speaking, the supply far exceeds the demand. There are very few writing jobs that pay well enough to support yourself, let alone a family, and frankly, those jobs rarely want to pay writers. And why should they? Why pay someone a ton of money when hundreds of qualified writers will do it for less?

If that’s enough to turn you off from being a writer, then this isn’t the business for you. I was recently speaking with a friend in the business and he just kept telling me how important it was to make myself indispensable, because especially with the development of the internet, it’s getting harder and harder to make it as a sportswriter. In a moment that I’ve bragged about over and over, I coolly shrugged, adjusted by Raybans, and paraphrased the poet, Watsky.

“Cause I know that it’s tough, but it’s gotta be somebody, so why not you?”

That’s the attitude I took into BroSports. This isn’t a website where I’m going to crush the creative spirit or attitude of my writers. I wanted to create a platform where writers can show off their flare, while also developing their craft. I want to make a website that doesn’t just report the meat and potatoes. I want writers that will provide honest, brash, and creative takes on things we already know.

I don’t want “Five Reasons Why The New England Patriots Will Win The AFC Yet Again in 2019” when 900 websites are going to remind you that Tom Brady is a robot and Bill Belichick is an evil genius sent from the future to ruin Christmas. Tell me about a mock draft that sees the Cleveland Browns trade two picks for Andrew Luck. Dream up a scenario where LeBron James, Steph Curry, and Kevin Durant decide they want to make the 76ers the NBA’s elite. #TrustTheProcess, right?

I’m getting preachy, but here’s the point. There are great websites that will teach you how to write the best, most polished articles out there. (This writer personally recommends the likes of This isn’t that website. This website isn’t going to make you a millionaire, but it will make you a better writer, and it will be a ton of fun.

Welcome aboard, Bros.


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