The All-Franchise Team: A Series

Here at BroSports, we like saying crazy nonsense that makes sense to us, but infuriates people on Reddit. So moving forward, we’re going to be doing a series breaking down the all-franchise team for, you guessed it, every franchise in the NFL. That’s 32 articles about every team, breaking down the best players to ever suit up for their squad. 

A few notes. 

How To Decide

So how did we decide who was the best player at each position? We thought about it, and whoever we came to mind, we picked. I’ll try to make an argument for each player,but ultimately, it’s just the ol’ gut. If you disagree, feel free to invade the comment section or attack me on the Twitter (@RyanSmithNFL). 

Legacy Matters

Brett Favre may have been the best quarterback to ever suit up for the Atlanta Falcons, but he didn’t really have a hall of fame contribution to the team, did he? Joe Montana is easily the best quarterback the Kansas City Chiefs ever had, but nobody outside of a weird section of Kansas and Missouri remembers him as anything but a 49er. 

So on this list, only players that genuinely left a lasting impact or legacy with the team will be considered. Sorry Titans fans, you don’t get Randy Moss.

Franchise Confusion

There are a few franchises that have jumped around, changed cities, and even changed names. We’re going to break them down on a team by team basis, as there aren’t really rules for this. 

  • The Indianapolis and Baltimore Colts count as one team.
  • The Cleveland Browns will be represented from greats from both iterations. 
  • The Tennessee Titans team will include Houston Oilers.
  • The Baltimore Ravens don’t inherit the history of the Browns or the Colts.

The positions at play are…

Fullback (if necessary)
Wide Receiver*
Tight End
Offensive Tackle
Edge Rusher
Interior Defender

*-Multiple Players

The Teams

As I get around to doing these teams (Ha! Don’t hold your breath), I’m going to hyperlink the teams to the article breaking down their best player at each position! So if you’re really into this piece (no idea why you would be), just go ahead and favorite it and come back whenever you’d like!

After I do all the teams, I think I’m going to come back and do the divisions as well. 

The AFC South
The Jacksonville Jaguars
The Baltimore/Indianapolis Colts
The Houston Texans
The Tennessee Titans/Houston Oilers

The NFC South
The New Orleans Saints 
The Carolina Panthers
The Atlanta Falcons 
The Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The AFC North
The Baltimore Ravens
The Pittsburgh Steelers
The Cleveland Browns
The Cincinnati Bengals

The NFC North
The Chicago Bears
The Green Bay Packers
The Minnesota Vikings
The Detroit Lions

The AFC East
The New England Patriots
The Miami Dolphins
The Buffalo Bills
The New York Jets

The NFC East
The Dallas Cowboys
The New York Giants
The Washington Redskins
The Philadelphia Eagles

The AFC West
The Oakland/Los Angeles/Las Vegas Raiders 
The Kansas City Chiefs
The San Diego Chargers/Los Angeles Chargers
The Denver Broncos

The NFC West
The Seattle Seahawks
The St. Louis/Los Angeles Rams
The Phoenix/Arizona Cardinals
The San Francisco 49ers


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