Best in the Weird Challenge 2018, Week 16

Not really a podcast podcast. It’s just Ryan, rambling about why football makes him sad, reading Conner’s picks aloud, giving his own, and struggling with basic production issues. Seriously, audio quality falls apart consistently through the podcast, don’t adjust your headphones, like all breakups, it’s’ not you, it’s me.

You think I’m joking, but seriously, the audio quality changes and straight up DROPS OUT a dozen times. This is the most poorly produced podcast of all time. This, right here, is why I’ll never make a dime in this biz.

Listen anyway.

Hi Mom *penguin emoji*

Best in the Weird Challenge 2018, Week 16

Press play if you hate properly edited audio but love me whisper-talking.

Press play, and seriously, I’m sorry about the world’s worst audio.

Here’s the Raiders article I was talking about. Please read if you haven’t already.


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