Friend Who Hates Popular Things Surprisingly Disapproves of New Trend

In startling news, your friend that seems to hate everything trendy has a negative opinion about a new, wildly popular thing. Despite having a history of responding negatively to anything that could be considered mainstream, your friend didn’t wake up this morning with a bright new positive attitude.

Someone with sources close to the situation speculated that your friend “is afraid that he might not be unique, and doesn’t want anyone to think he’s ordinary” so this behavior will probably continue indefinitely.

Other sources report that after being told that he takes things too seriously, your friend referenced an interest in an obscure thing that’s nearly completely different than what you were discussing.

When we reached out to your friend for comment, he changed the subject and began pontificating about how the second Mortal Kombat movie was actually really good, and you’re just not cultured enough to understand.


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