Madden 2021 Wishlist

Every year, EA makes millions and millions of dollars releasing the newest version of their NFL video game franchise, Madden Football.

Madden 2021 Wishlist

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL)

Historical Teams

For the longest time, Madden had these archives of great teams from the past. You could grab the best players from NFL history and bring them to life in the modern NFL, and it was awesome.

Now, I understand why they stopped doing that. They didn’t have the rights to everyone, especially players that were actively suing the NFL. But their precious M.U.T. doesn’t seem to have a hard time getting the rights to players like Barry Sanders, Ray Lewis, Calvin Johnson, or Michael Vick. If they can get the rights for the microtransaction nightmare, we should have some kind of access to a Hall of Fame roster or something similar.

Turnover Cam

Okay, so this isn’t necessarily something I actually want, but something I bet they’ll do. As you’ve seen over the last year or so, after a turnover, the entire defense will run to the endzone and pose for a picture. I would not put it past EA to implement that in next year’s game, even saving the picture onto your console.

Also, turnover cam is a funny pairing of words. Like it’s the Super Bowl and Von Miller just came screaming around the corner.

Martin McConnell (@Mart_M24)

Keep It Great

There’s actually a lot to love about the most recent version of the game, and I’d like for a lot of the new features to return next year, namely the X-Factor stuff and Superstar KO. The X-Factor really helps separate the decent players from the real stars.

And Superstar KO is the most fun I’ve had with Madden in years. It’s perfect bite sized chunks that I can play for 15 minutes and then get going somewhere else again.

Better Story Mode

QB1 is fantastic, but it dies off pretty quickly after you get drafted. It gets really repetitive and lacks advanced story-telling. 2k has been nailing this for years, and it’s a little disappointing that EA struggles to produce anything comparable. And hey, it wouldn’t kill you to give us the option to play a different position.

Basically, just flesh it out a little. Don’t half-ass something for once.

Ryan Seiple (@Ryan_Seiple)

QB1 to Franchise?

I don’t think it would be unreasonable to ask for you to be able to transfer your QB1 to franchise mode. How much fun would it be to use your story-mode character elsewhere? And if not, can I add create-a-players to draft classes?

Sure, you can edit a prospect as is, but that’s not as much fun as creating a super-prospect from scratch. Once you’re a solid decade or so into franchise, would it hurt to have an option to create a player as well?

William Frost (@WillFrost_)

Hey EA… you know what I want? What I really, really want? NCAA 2021. We haven’t had a new one since 2013, and it’s insane just how much demand there is without any supply. Sure, there’s been all the controversy surrounding paying student athletes, but… c’mon… give us what we want.

And I guess, to make it square, let us upload players from NCAA into Madden


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  1. On of the things that I remember from the madden from the PS2 days, is that, when you wanted to find out how strong, fast, agile etc, a college player was, you can run drills with a specific player. I remember returning kicks with a RB prospect, and it would give me his agility and speed rating. I loved that. Doing drills with available draft prospects during the combine was great. Also, the TD, celebrations are somewhat stale. In Fifa 20, the other sports game that EA makes. When you score a goal, you can celebrate with the fans. I would like to that in Madden also.


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