Pre-Combine Free Agency Predictions

The Super Bowl is over, and we’re in that awkward lull pre-combine hangover where we try to convince ourselves we like other sports. My takes from this time period? Dame Lillard is too good to be in Portland, off-season MLB drama is more exciting than playoff baseball, and good god, I miss football.

So here are some of my pre-combine free agency predictions. Why pre-combine? Because that’s this time period, and if enough second/third round guys have good showings at the combine, they’ll elevate into the first round and change team’s draft plans.

Pre-Combine Free Agency Predictions

Philip Rivers to Tampa Bay

Nothing has ever made more sense in the history of history. This isn’t even a hot take, this is a spoiler, Philip Rivers and all 84 of his kids are moving to Tampa Bay, where they’re going to love playing in Bruce Arians’ offense. After all, Rivers already wasted the primes ofLaDainian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates, Mike Evans will make a nice addition to the ever-expanding list of elite talents he’s squandered.

Tom Brady to New England

That’s right, despite all the hubbub, Tom Brady stays in New England. As a Raiders fan, I’m kinda hoping against hope that he signs with the Silver and Black, but I don’t actually see him leaving. I think the crux of his urge to leave is a lack of weapons, but N’Keal Harry will be healthy, Julian Edelman is still around, they can get someone like Randall Cobb or A.J. Green (that’s called foreshadowing) in free agency, and then maybe draft Thaddeus Moss.

Derrick Henry, Drew Brees, and Chris Jones Aren’t Going Anywhere

While I’m at it, these guys aren’t going anywhere. Derrick Henry was vital to Tennessee’s playoff run, Drew Brees will retire before he suits up with another team, and no matter how badly I want Chris Jones out of Kansas City, he’s got “franchise tag” written all over him. There’s a chance the Chiefs tag Jones, only to immediately trade him, ala Dee Ford, but that doesn’t count as free agency, does it?

Joe Schobert to Las Vegas

Simply put, this makes too much sense to not happen. Where do the Raiders need the most help on defense? Linebacker, preferably linebackers that can cover. Who is Joe Schobert? Well, simply put, he’s a linebacker… that can cover. Isaiah Simmons won’t be there when the Raiders pick at 12, and this frees them up to address the defensive line or receiving corps.

This is more wishful thinking than not, the team probably ends up with Corey Littleton, who I’m not as fond of.

A.J. Green to New England

When healthy, A.J. Green is one of the league’s better wide receivers. Unfortunately, he hasn’t been very healthy very often. He missed seven games in 2018, and all of 2019. He’ll be 32 when the season starts, and two years removed from his last 1,000 yard season. In a free agent class that includes the likes of Robby Anderson, Amari Cooper, Emmanuel Sanders, and Randall Cobb, the aging, oft-injured former Pro Bowler might be looking for more of a one-year prove it deal than anything expensive.

Enter New England, a team with a moderate amount of cash, looking to load up on weapons to lure Tom Brady back. Belichick loves his veteran wide receivers. By that same logic, I wouldn’t be surprised if he signed with Baltimore, giving Lamar Jackson the big-bodied number one he lacked last year.










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