Get to Know Your Bro: Ryan Seiple’s Top Five Avatars

A lot of the time, you don’t look up the name of an article’s author unless we’ve really, really upset you. The whole idea of BroSports was to create a fun, laid-back, lawless wasteland of hot takes and sports rants, and I wanted to add a little color to the names behind your favorite pieces, to help you guys get to know your bro, as it were.

Today, we have Ryan Seiple! Ranking, of all things, his top five favorite Avatars. Take it away, Ry! (Spoiler Warning is in Effect).

Get to Know Your Bro: Ryan Seiple’s Top Five Avatars

Avatar: The Last Airbender and its sequel series The Legend of Korra are two of my favorite animated series’. The world where there are people that can have control of the elements Water, Earth, Fire, and Air (as well as their sub-bending styles i.e: Metal bending), and that there’s one person that can master all four elements is fascinating to me. The Avatar Spirit is passed down throughout time, so when one Avatar dies, another is born. Here are my Top 5 Avatars. 

5. Avatar Roku 

Coming in at number five is Avatar Roku. If you’ve ever seen Avatar: The Last Airbender you would know that Avatar Roku was the Avatar directly before Avatar Aang. You would also know that he could’ve prevented the Hundred Year War but didn’t because of friendship. Died while fighting a volcano. Deserves to be in the top five, but too wishy-washy to be higher than five. 

4. Avatar Kyoshi 

This was hard. I think Kyoshi was a total badass, but a couple of things make her fall out of favor with me as opposed to other Avatars. For starters, there really wasn’t a big conflict in her time. The only conflict was with Emperor Chin, which ended rather swiftly. Other than creating Kyoshi Island, she didn’t really do much. She gets the nod over Roku specifically because she didn’t have the opportunity to stop a war before it happened and blow it due to friendship. Roku was weak. Kyoshi > Roku. 

3. Avatar Wan 

Coming in next is Avatar Wan. You can’t make a list of top Avatars without including the first Avatar. Avatar Wan was originally a thief stealing to provide for his friends, and then was granted Fire bending by a Lion Turtle for his city in order to protect himself from spirits after being banished from his city. While in the wilds he mastered Fire bending, and saw the light spirit Raava fighting the dark spirit Vaatu.

After unknowingly freeing Vaatu, Raava told him about Vaatu’s plan to cover the world in darkness. Thus began the journey to get granted bending from all four elements, which he then mastered. In the final battle against Vaatu, Wan and Raava merged, creating the all-powerful Avatar State and imprisoning Vaatu for 10,000 years. Avatar Wan would be much higher on this list if there were more material covering him and chronicling his journeys. 

2. Avatar Korra 

This is tough. Korra has proven that she is the most powerful Avatar. She is a fantastic Avatar. She faced so much turmoil, both internal and external. She’s faced very powerful enemies and her own inner demons and she came out on top in all situations. Not to mention she is the first Avatar to Metal bend. Korra is an incredible Avatar, but she’s only number two on this list because I let my own nostalgia get the best of me. 

1. Avatar Aang 

The world was introduced to the world of bending with Aang. Aang had the unique challenge of not only being the final airbender in existence, but he also only had one year to master all four elements in order to defeat Firelord Ozai. Aang gets the nod over Korra because of not only my own nostalgia, but because of just how powerful he is in the Avatar State. Aang is so overwhelmingly powerful as soon as he enters the Avatar State, if you watched the show you saw this during his final battle with the juiced-up Firelord. Aang was even able to defeat the Firelord without killing him, even though just about everybody was telling him to do it.

Killing is against the Air Nomad way of life, and he was able to learn Energy bending from an ancient Lion Turtle and take away Ozai’s bending. Ozai was defeated and he didn’t have to die. While I think this solution was lame, the debate made for excellent television since no one knew how Aang was going to do it (except for the writers). Aang was able to learn all four elements in a short amount of time, he was able to stick to his values in an impossible situation, and he was all-powerful in the Avatar State. That is why he is number one on my list. Aang > Everyone else. 


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