The Second Annual Sports Stack Awards Prediction

Football is finally back.

What better way to get you in the mood for the football season than sheer speculation and strong takes? With just a few hours before the 2020 season gets underway, here’s the BroSports/Sports Stack staff with their predictions for each major award handed out at the end of the year. Come for the fact we don’t have a unanimous MVP, stay for the less than predictable Coach of the Year shouts.

Follow the boys on Twitter, all links will be down below. Savour the season folks, we really are the lucky ones.

The Second Annual Sports Stack Awards Prediction


Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL): Patrick Mahomes

  • A fully healthy Patrick Mahomes probably wins the MVP in 2019. He’s off to a Marino-esque start to his career, and nothing has really changed in Kansas City. If anything, his weapons have gotten even better. I predict another high 4,000, 40+ touchdown season.

William Frost (@willfrost_): Patrick Mahomes

  • I don’t feel the need to say anything elaborate here, he’s the richest player in the NFL, he’s the best player in the NFL, Pat Mahomes is your 2020 MVP.

Michael Larson (@Larstradamus): Tom Brady

  • The last time there was a shortened off-season there were four quarterbacks that went over 5,000 yards. I expect Brady to put up better numbers than what he did in 2007 with Randy Moss and Wes Welker. Big numbers and a top 2 seeding in the NFC will secure another MVP for Tampa Brady.

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle): Patrick Mahomes

  •  For the same reason I didn’t pick him last year, I’ll pick him this year: it’s extremely hard to win two straight MVP’s, which is why Lamar won’t get it this year. Mahomes is easily the safe pick here to put up huge numbers in a division the chiefs should cake walk through.

Ryan Seiple (twitterless): Patrick Mahomes

  • He’s the best player in the league, what more do you want?

Offensive Player of the Year

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL): Christian McCaffrey

  • RUN CMC probably should’ve taken the award home last year, but in Joe Brady’s checkdown happy offense, I bet McCaffrey produces even more in 2020. He has a far more respectable supporting cast and I bet he goes 1k/1k again.

William Frost (@willfrost_): Christian McCaffrey

  • In all of the award season robberies we’ve seen, of which we’ve seen plenty (looking at you, ROTY Dak Prescott). Christian McCaffrey not winning 2019 Offensive Player of the Year might be the worst yet. McCaffrey’s quarterback situation hasn’t improved enough since last year for me to think the Panthers won’t be giving him the ball at least twenty-five times a game. Smith might be right (eugh), 1000 yards rushing and receiving is almost expected of CMC at this point in his career.

Michael Larson (@Larstradamus): DeAndre Hopkins

  • Another team that will put up big offensive numbers is the Arizona Cardinals. This will be the second year in the Kliff Kingsbury offense. It is a spread offense so I may be missing the point when I say I expect Hopkins to post career highs, but just a prediction. Big numbers for Hopkins.

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle): Lamar Jackson

  • Whoever between Mahomes and Jackson doesn’t win MVP will be the offensive player of the year, and with Jackson winning the MVP last year, don’t look for a repeat this year. Yes, Christian McCaffrey is going to have huge numbers in Carolina, but that’s expected by default because he’s all the panthers have. But it won’t translate into more wins than expected in a much improved NFC South so I don’t expect it to translate into any hardware either.

Ryan Seiple (twitterless): Chris Godwin

  • We all know how much Tom Brady loves his slot receivers. Chris Godwin is a pretty bold
    prediction, but I can kind of see him winning the award. He had a career year last year with 86 catches for 1,333 yards and nine touchdowns. Look for him to improve on those numbers with both a better quarterback and a big contract looming.

Defensive Player of the Year

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL): Myles Garrett

  • Myles Garrett is, pound for pound, the best edge rusher in professional football. Barring a freak season from a linebacker or a DB, DPOTY is almost always a pass rusher award, and I think MG edges out TJ Watt.

William Frost (@willfrost_): Myles Garrett

  • Unless you’re from the Pittsburgh area, it’s impossible to not love this guy. Myles is a freaky athlete and consistent play-maker. Before his suspension in 2019 he was averaging nearly a sack a game. If he continues this level of production on an improved Cleveland team, they should make enough noise for him to wrap up DPOTY.

Michael Larson (@Larstradamus): Jamal Adams

  • The Seahawks trading for Adams just seems to have been overlooked slightly and that’s just not right. Adams is a top 5 most valuable defensive player. After approaching the record last year, I can see him breaking the defensive back sack record and posting career highs in interceptions and forced fumbles. Leading the Seahawks as the number one defense, I see 2020 DPOTY going to Jamal Adams.

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle): Aaron Donald

  • Honestly, this pick is an absolute crapshoot because I feel like the list of candidates is extremely long, but Donald is always safely in the conversation of best defensive player in the world, so this feels like the safest way to go.

Ryan Seiple (twitterless): Not Stephon Gilmore

  • Seriously, the award was highway robbery last year. It should’ve gone to Chandler Jones, Shaq Barrett, or TJ Watt. It could very well go to either of those three. It could even go to newcomers to the list like Jamal Adams and Minkah Fitzpatrick, who are two of the best young safeties in the league. I personally think Adams is gonna eat in Seattle so I’ll go with him for the award.

Offensive Rookie of the Year

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL): Clyde Edwards-Helaire

  • Barring a breakout season from any of the rookie QBs, the safe money is on Kansas City’s rookie rusher. CEH is never going to see a loaded box with Kansas City’s weapons, and if he can make up the production of KC’s backfield from last year (1,400 all purpose yards and 12 total TDs) on a high-profile team, he’ll get the recognition he deserves.

William Frost (@willfrost_): Joe Burrow

  • It’s a quarterback award. Joe Burrow is by far and away the best quarterback of this year’s rookies. I don’t think that Cincinnati are in a position to shock the league and make a run, but we saw with Kyler Murray last year that as long as you play as advertised it’s enough to make your mark on award voters.

Michael Larson (@Larstradamus): Joe Burrow

  • The Bengals passed the ball 616 times with quarterbacks that weren’t Joe Burrow. Throwing is the focus and Burrow will break rookie passing records.

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle): CeeDee Lamb

  • Another crapshoot, but Lamb across from Amari Cooper, with a motivated without a contract Dak throwing the ball and Zeke in that backfield? Lamb could be poised to have an outstanding rookie season.

Ryan Seiple (twitterless): JK Dobbins

  • JK Dobbins was probably the best back in the draft this year and he fell right into Baltimore’s lap. I’m predicting we see a shift in Baltimore’s RB stable and we see Dobbins getting the bulk of the carries by Week Four. Dobbins has the tools to be a great NFL running back, and he is in the best system for him to thrive in Baltimore.

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL): Chase Young

  • The Washington Football team didn’t need an edge rusher, but Chase Young was so good, he left them no choice. It’s hard for rookie edge rushers to get production, but with Chase’s talents on a LOADED defensive line, I bet he makes a noticeable impact right away.

William Frost (@willfrost_): Chase Young

  • By far and away the best defensive player in this year’s draft class on a team where he is poised to come in and make an immediate impact. That’s a recipe for immediate production and a shot at end of year awards.

Michael Larson (@Larstradamus): Chase Young

  • A tough one, since I expect a lot of rookie defenders to make big impacts this year. Chase Young goes to a defense that will be on the field a lot, and he plays on one of the best defensive lines. Double digit sacks and the DROTY is well within reach.

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle): Chase Young

  •  Not who I necessarily wanted to pick, but definitely the safest pick. The next generational pass rusher from The Ohio State University is poised to have a monster rookie year for a Washington defense that badly needs it.

Ryan Seiple (twitterless): Patrick Queen

  • For the same reason Dobbins is my selection for Offensive Rookie of the Year, Queen is my pick for Defensive Rookie of the Year. The coaching staff in Baltimore is incredible when it comes to drafting and developing talent. That defense can succeed with unknowns starting because those coaches are just that good at developing talent and scheming to meet their strengths.Queen is in the best situation to succeed because that coaching staff will not allow him to fail. Baltimore becomes the second team in three years to have both offensive and
    defensive rookies of the year.

Comeback Player of the Year

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL): Cam Newton

  • Josh McDaniels will be able to get the most of the former MVP, and if he’s able to put up adequate numbers, will be a fascinating free agent to follow in 2021.

William Frost (@willfrost_): Ben Roethlisberger

  • I take absolutely no pleasure in this, but I think the Steelers easily make a wild card spot in 2020. Mike Tomlin nearly guided the Steelers to a playoff place without a starting quarterback, so with another year for the younger play-makers under their belts there’s the potential for Big Ben to come in straight away and just start slinging. The main competitors for this award are Roethlisberger and Cam Newton, I think the Steelers might end up with a better record.

Michael Larson (@Larstradamus): Alex Smith

  • I doubt that Alex Smith plays meaningful snaps, but the adversity he has gone through to get back in a Washington uniform is remarkable. He has shown a strong will and determination that deserves the Comeback Player of the Year award, no matter what numbers Ben Roethlisberger, Todd Gurley, or Cam Newton put up.

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle): Cam Newton

  • There should actually be quite a few candidates this year, but for me it’s gotta be Cam Newton. If he can step in, replace Brady, win the division and win 11-12 games after how his tenure in Carolina ended, it should be Cam’s to lose.If not Cam, JJ Watt seems like another strong choice, but every single year it feels like we talk about JJ being a candidate, then before the seasons over he gets hurt again, so I don’t think that’s a pick you can trust.

Ryan Seiple (twitterless): Alex Smith

  • If you saw Alex Smith’s injury last year you know that it’s impressive that he’s even walking. Alex Smith won this award the second he stepped onto the practice field.

Coach of the Year

Ryan Smith (@RyanSmithNFL): Kliff Kingsbury

  • Everyone expects the Arizona Cardinals to make a big leap in 2020, and a lot of credit has to go to the architect of their offense. Reigning rookie of the year Kyler Murray got a new toy in DeAndre Hopkins, and expectations are high for running back Kenyan Drake. I think the Cards make a wildcard push in 2020 and Kliff gets the nod.

William Frost (@willfrost_): Sean Payton 

  • The New Orleans Saints have a huge task on their hands to maintain the NFC South crown. Tom Brady and Bruce Arians are going to throw all they can at this season to try and get as many rings as they can from their partnership. If the Saints hold off and keep the top spot of their division, which I expect them to do, then Payton is a sure-fire candidate for Coach of the Year.

Michael Larson (@Larstradamus): Bruce Arians

  • Bringing in a quarterback in a shortened off-season and changing his style of play to fit the air attack probably had some challenges. The Bucs will be the number one seed in the NFC and toppling the Saints off their NFC South crown will earn Arians the Coach of the Year.

Conner Fleegle (@McFleegle): Bill Belichick

  • Here’s one you didn’t expect me to say: Bill Belichick. Its gross, I know, but just hear me out. He loses Brady. He loses Gronk. He loses half the defense. But if Cam Newton can regain some of his old magic, and the Pats win another AFC East title while going 11-5 or 12-4, Belichick should absolutely have his name in the conversation. Right?

Ryan Seiple (twitterless): Bruce Arians

  • On paper Tampa Bay has had one of the best offseasons in recent memory. Bruce Arians has seen success with Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck, and Carson Palmer as his quarterbacks. Decidedly, none of them are Tom Brady. Tampa Bay could come out of nowhere to win the NFC thanks in no small part to Arians.

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