Las Vegas Raiders 2020 Predictions: Week Seventeen

As of today, September 11th, 2020, and in two days, the Las Vegas Raiders take on the Carolina Panthers in week one. Here at BroSports, we’re going to release one Raiders game prediction a day until kickoff. We’re going to take a look at how we think the Raiders will match up with each opponent, what we think the score will be, and track those Raiders wins and losses throughout the season.

Today, the Raiders close the season out at Mile High against the Denver Broncos.

Las Vegas Raiders 2020 Predictions: Week Seventeen

The Broncos at a Glance

You know the deal by now, it’s a divisional game, so here’s the glance from earlier this year.

Vic Fangio didn’t exactly replicate Chicago’s defense last year, but it didn’t help that Von Miller missed as much time as he did either. Denver added Jerry Jeudy and Melvin Gordon to the offense, hoping to help young quarterback Drew Lock in his development, and defensively, the Broncos hope that Jurrell Casey will free up Miller and Bradley Chubb off the edge.

Mile Low

The Raiders don’t exactly play well at Mile High. Sure, Arrowhead carries the heavy reputation, but the Silver and Black have struggled in Denver as well. They’ve lost seven of the last nine games there, and Jon Gruden’s never won at Mile High. Playing there in week 17, with the brutal weather, and pseudo-optimstically, maybe even fans? It’s going to be rough.

The Prediction

Unfortunately, Raider Nation, the season ends on a loss. Drew Lock will have chemistry with his young receivers by now, the defense will be in true form, and if I’m going to give the Raiders the win earlier in the year, I have to be honest and give Denver the win at home.

This gives the Raiders a record of 9-7. It’s probably not good enough for the playoffs, and it certainly isn’t a division title. However, it is a winning record, something this team hasn’t had in four years, and something we fans haven’t experienced nearly often enough.

A winning record in 2020 is nice… but 2021, when the fans come back, and the young Raiders gain experience, and the black hole is rocking? Watch out, NFL.


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