Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Four

Okay fine, it looks like I’m back to barely breaking .500. Here are my picks for week four.

Overall Record: 32-16

Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Four

Denver Broncos @ New York Jets: Denver Broncos

Even Brett Rypien on the road can put up big numbers against this Jets team. Just watch, hopefully this is Adam Gase’s last hurrah as head coach of any NFL team.

Arizona Cardinals @ Carolina Panthers: Arizona Cardinals

The Cards are a young team, and as a result, they’re going to drop the occasional “easy” game. They realistically should’ve beaten Detroit last week, but they let the game get away from them. They rectify that this week by beating up on Teddy Bridgewater and the Panthers.

Indianapolis Colts @ Chicago Bears: Chicago Bears

This is a super bowl rematch. Remember that? Peyton Manning? Brian Urlacher? Devin Hester? Iconic superstar quarterback Rex Grossman? That feels like a lifetime ago.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Cincinnati Bengals: Jacksonville Jaguars

I guess? I don’t really care for either of these teams. But Zac Taylor is just feeding his young quarterback to the wolves, and I don’t wanna bet on him to win this game.

Cleveland Browns @ Dallas Cowboys: Dallas Cowboys

I like the Cleveland Browns, I really do, and I’m not crazy about the Dallas defense, but… I think they’ve just got the upper hand for now. The way they raged back against the Falcons and hung with Seattle show they have the heart to compete when it matters.

New Orleans Saints @ Detroit Lions: New Orleans Saints

The Saints are off to a rough start in 2020… but I doubt they lose this game. In all fairness, the Lions could easily be 3-0 right now, if it weren’t for some bad luck and even worse coaching. Then again, an absence of good luck and better coaching isn’t going to fly against Sean Payton.

Minnesota Vikings @ Houston Texans: Houston Texans

Last week I said I wouldn’t pick the Vikings until they won. They didn’t win, so I’m going with Deshaun Watson and company for their first win of the year.

Seattle Seahawks @ Miami Dolphins: Seattle Seahawks

Hahahahahahahaha. Please.

Los Angeles Chargers @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Chargers came crashing back to Earth last week after almost beating the Chiefs, and they’re just not ready for Tom Brady and company. With each passing week, Tampa Bay gets a little bit better, and I think they roll over the Chargers.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans: Pittsburgh Steelers

I have no idea if or when this game will be played, but I love Pittsburgh’s defense versus the Titans offense. Their passing game is completely dependent on play action, but against this pass rush, that just means more time for T.J. Watt to get to Ryan Tannehill. Whenever they play, the Steelers win big.

Baltimore Ravens @ Washington Football Team: Baltimore Ravens

It’s funny how fickle fans are, huh? A week ago, Lamar Jackson is the best thing since sliced bread, he had one bad game, and fans are calling him a running back again. Crazy. They get a little bit of their steam back with a dub against the Dubs.

New York Giants @ Los Angeles Rams: Los Angeles Rams

I don’t think a perfectly healthy Giants team is very good, and they’re far from perfectly healthy. The Rams nearly pulled of a 28-3 comeback last week, and back at home, I’m sure they’re gonna bring the pain.

New England Patriots @ Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City Chiefs

This should be a good game. Bill Belichick is having maybe the best year of his coaching career, working around quarterback changes, opt-outs, and COVID, but he’s crushing it. Meanwhile, the Chiefs… well… what can any of us do to stop Patrick Mahomes?

Buffalo Bills @ Las Vegas Raiders: Buffalo Bills

The Raiders are so banged up on offense. Tyrell Williams, Bryan Edwards, and Henry Ruggs III are all on the injury report, and Derek Carr simply refuses to attack wide receivers downfield. The Bills are going to focus on Josh Jacobs and Darren Waller, just like the Patriots did, just like everyone did last year, and I don’t see Paul Guenther’s putrid defense shutting Josh Allen down.

Philadelphia Eagles @ San Francisco 49ers: Philadelphia Eagles

This is a tough one. A healthy 49er team destroys the Eagles, especially at home, but they’re so far from healthy. No Jimmy Garoppolo, no Nick Bosa, and they’re banged up everywhere else. If the Eagles really drop to 0-4, there might be a major shift in Philadelphia’s future.

This pick is probably wrong, but for the sake of everything Doug Pederson has ever done right, I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt, possibly for the last time ever.

Atlanta Falcons @ Green Bay Packers: Green Bay Packers

The Falcons could be up 40-0 at the two minute warning and I’m not convinced that Aaron Rodgers wouldn’t walk away the winner. Dan Quinn is either the worst good coach or the best bad coach in the NFL, because nobody should be able to score as many points as the Falcons do without actually winning games. Rodgers is playing like a man possessed, and Ryan is hoping anyone else comes in to be his head coach. Packers roll.


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