Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Seven

I don’t wanna talk about it.

Overall Record: 57-34
Record: 6-8

Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Seven

New York Giants @ Philadelphia Eagles: Philadelphia Eagles

In all honesty, if Doug Pederson can’t pull in this win, he needs to be fired. It’s a short week, at home, against a team that isn’t even okay on paper. The NFC East crown hangs in the balance, and Carson Wentz should be able to work well against a bad team.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Tennessee Titans: Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steelers have an elite defense, headed off by a great front seven, even without Devin Bush. If they can slow down Derrick Henry and make the play action a little less effective, Ryan Tannehill will fall apart, mark my words.

Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Football Team: Dallas Cowboys

What’s the opposite of the immovable force meeting the unstoppable object? Because that’s what we’re going to have when Washington’s offense faces off against Dallas’ putrid defense. You couldn’t pay me to watch this game, and forgive me if I sleep in instead. In this disastrous uncoached mess, at least the Cowboys have some decent players on offense.

Buffalo Bills @ New York Jets: Buffalo Bills

Is Adam Gase still the head coach of the New York Jets?

Okay then.

Carolina Panthers @ New Orleans Saints: New Orleans Saints

The Saints are contenders in reputation alone. I haven’t really been impressed by them in a single game this season, but they are still 3-2 with some decent wins under their belt. That’s more than I can say for Carolina, so I guess I’ll take the Saints.

Green Bay Packers @ Houston Texans: Green Bay Packers

The Houston Texans defense is just laughably bad. I’m not doing locks this season, but if I was, this would be it. A pissed off Aaron Rodgers is going to have a field day with the Texans defense.

Cleveland Browns @ Cincinnati Bengals: Cleveland Browns

The poor Browns are so banged up, and what wasn’t hurting on Saturday certainly hurt on Monday as the Steelers really took it to them. Fortunately, the Bengals aren’t anything to write home about. They’ll limp into this one, and I believe Kevin Stefanski can help pull out a win, even if it’s only by Myles Garrett destroying Joe Burrow’s potential.

Detroit Lions @ Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta Falcons

I guess? The Vikings, the Falcons, and the Bears are the three teams I can’t figure out this season. Atlanta has all the firepower in the world, and they showed it last week, meanwhile the Lions are just falling apart from the inside.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Los Angeles Chargers: Los Angeles Chargers

The Chargers have been snatching defeat from the jaws of victory all season, and now they get a cupcake game against one of the NFL’s worst. Justin Herbert, have yourself a day.

San Francisco 49ers @ New England Patriots: New England Patriots

I’m probably going to regret this one, but I like New England’s chances. Their defense should be getting people back from the umpteenth COVID outbreak, and I think Bill can outcoach Kyle Shanahan.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Denver Broncos: Kansas City Chiefs

I hate when a quarterback has a bad game and talking heads make a point to talk up everything they did right. Drew Lock’s statline was horrible last week, but all anyone talked about was how well he played. Let’s see how he does this week against a Chiefs team that’s gonna drop 30 points on his defense.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers @ Las Vegas Raiders: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This morning, I would’ve picked the Raiders. I felt like they really matched up well, and they could come out and play their style of football against a strong Bucs team. But then Trent Brown tested positive for COVID, and now the availability of the ENTIRE OFFENSIVE LINE is in doubt. Only the Raiders, man, jeez.

There’s a good chance it’s just Trent Brown that misses the game, and that’s a positive. The Raiders have a fighting chance with Denzelle Good or Sam Young filling in, but…

The Bucs have 22 sacks in six games. Forgive me if I’m not sold on John Simpson saving Derek Carr from Ndamukong Suh.

Seattle Seahawks @ Arizona Cardinals: Seattle Seahawks

Arizona is hot off a big win over the Dallas Cowboys where they didn’t play all that well on offense. I bet they try to get their offense together this week, and they have some success against a bad Seahawks defense, but I just can’t bring myself to bet against Russell Wilson.

Chicago Bears @ Los Angeles Rams: Los Angeles Rams

I think Sean McVay can gimmick an offense to get around Chicago’s defense, and I’m not sold on Nick Foles being a reliable enough quarterback to win a hypothetical shootout. Neither of these teams are legitimate contenders in 2020, but I’m giving the home team the edge in a big week seven match-up.


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