The Second Annual Sports Stack Awards Prediction Redux

We’ve barrelled past the halfway point this season, and we at THE RYAN SMITH DEBACLE BroSportsStack towers decided it was time to look at our preseason award predictions. Which picks aged well? Which ones did not? Let’s find out.

The Second Annual Sports Stack Awards Prediction Redux


Ryan Smith (@MrBroSports): Russell Wilson
Original Pick: Patrick Mahomes

  • Patrick Mahomes has reached that LeBron James “if he’s playing, he’s the favorite” stage where he should realistically be everyone’s preseason pick if he’s healthy. However, “Mr. Unlimited” himself, Russell Wilson is on a different kind of roll this year. He’s on pace for 59 passing touchdowns this season, and it seems like there isn’t really a challenge for his throne at this point.

Ryan Seiple (Twitterless): Russell Wilson
Original Pick: Patrick Mahomes

  • Going into the season I wasn’t sure of who to pick for MVP so I just didn’t make a prediction. Silly of me to think that Russ wouldn’t be cooking. Right now Russell Wilson leads the league in passer rating and passing touchdowns, and has a completion percentage over 70%. However, if he has more games like he did against Arizona this race could become a lot closer.

Will Frost (@willfrost_): Patrick Mahomes
Original Pick: Patrick Mahomes

  • Given how well Russell Wilson has started the season, I’m not sure this is deserved at the halfway point of the year. However, the Kansas City Chiefs look as though they are trending in the right direction to close out the 2020 season. Which is entirely down to the brilliance of one Patrick Mahomes. In his first eight games of the year Mahomes has 21 touchdowns against only a single interception. Playing some of his most efficient football of his career, the Chiefs look set to win 13 plus games thanks to the new face of the league. A big showing against Tampa Bay and one final (?) victory over Tom Brady may well put Mahomes over the top. 

Michael “Angelo” Larson (@Larstradamas): Patrick Mahomes
Original Pick: Tom Brady

LARSON FUN FACT #1– His Mom is a wonderful and intelligent woman and we’re only a little scared of her.

Offensive Player of the Year

Ryan Smith (@MrBroSports): DeAndre Hopkins
Original Pick: Christian McCaffrey

  • I don’t feel as bad about this miss because Christian McCaffrey has missed most of this year with injuries. Offensive Player of the Year is a funky award, because it’s often the MVP runner-up, unless the (almost always) quarterback has a breakaway year and earns both. I’m giving the award to the man they call Nuk because he’s quietly having a brilliant season in Arizona with Kyler Murray. He’s averaging 100 yards a game to this point, pacing towards a 130 catch, 1,609 yard, seven touchdown season. He’s leaps and bounds above the second best receiver, and his only real non-quarterback competition is Alvin Kamara.

Ryan Seiple (Twitterless): Kyler Murray
Original Pick: Chris Godwin (Editors Note: Lol)

  • Kyler Murray had some MVP hype earlier in the season. He’s not playing on the same level as MVP QBs right now in terms of the passing game, but he’s been making up for his shortcomings in the running game. Kyler Murray has been playing like a cheat code with 20 total touchdowns and over 2,200 total yards already. He’s been making me regret my preseason pick of Chris Godwin heavily.

Will Frost (@willfrost_): Russell Wilson
Original Pick: Christian McCaffrey

  • The only other notable MVP candidate at this point in the season, Wilson is almost certain to finally break the duct of never receiving an MVP vote. Whilst I can’t see him winning that particular prize this year I think award voters will recognise his brilliance in the next best way. Crowning him the Offensive Player of the Year for 2020.

Michael “Angelo” Larson (@Larstradamas): DeAndre Hopkins
Original Pick: DeAndre Hopkins

LARSON FUN FACT #2- This was actually a really strong pick. Good for Mikey.

Defensive Player of the Year

Ryan Smith (@MrBroSports): Myles Garrett
Original Pick: Myles Garrett

  • I’ve been pounding my chest about this pick all year long. Assuming his injury isn’t too bad, there’s no reason Myles Garrett can’t continue his monster 2020, where he’s on pace to record 18 sacks and eight forced fumbles. He’s, at the very least, hitting the opposing quarterback at least once a game, and only Aaron Donald stands between him and the NFL Honors ceremony.

Ryan Seiple (Twitterless): Myles Garrett
Original Pick: “Not Stephon Gilmore” (Jamal Adams)

  • Before the season I couldn’t make a decision on who the Defensive Player of the Year would be, but now I can come to a decision. Myles Garrett is playing in a league of his own. SIX straight games with a sack and nine on the season so far to go along with four forced fumbles. Cleveland’s remaining schedule is littered with bad offensive lines, we should all seriously consider watching for Garrett to break the single season sack record.

Will Frost (@willfrost_): Myles Garrett
Original Pick: Myles Garrett

  • If the Browns sniff the playoffs this year this shouldn’t even be a discussion. The only real bright spot on what has otherwise been a very up and down year in Cleveland. Through eight weeks Garrett is averaging more than one sack per game and also has four forced fumbles so far on the year. This unmatched production finally coupled with winning football should be enough to give the former A&M Aggie the respect he deserves. 

Michael “Angelo” Larson (@Larstradamas): Myles Garrett
Original Pick: Jamal Adams

LARSON FUN FACT #3- Mikey thinks Daniel Jones is better than Baker Mayfield.

Offensive Rookie Player of the Year

Ryan Smith (@MrBroSports): Joe Burrow
Original Pick: Clyde Edwards-Helaire

  • It’s not that Clyde Edwards-Helaire hasn’t been fantastic, he’s been great, on pace for 1,500 scrimmage yards this season. But Joe Burrow has absolutely thrilled, despite being on a team devoid of supporting talent or competent coaching. Joe Burrow is on pace for 4,500 passing yards, 22 touchdowns, and only 10 interceptions on a team that would probably be winless without him. Hail to the King indeed.

Ryan Seiple (Twitterless): Justin Herbert
Original Pick: JK Dobbins

  • This is a toss-up between two first year quarterbacks for me that both suffer from bad defense syndrome. Justin Herbert wasn’t the starter to start the season, but ever since making his first start in the NFL against the Chiefs he has proven he belongs in the league. He has thrown for at least 280 yards in every game so far and has yet to throw a multi-interception game. Unless Herbert comes crashing back down to earth, I believe he will win this. This is my least confident prediction however, because Joe Burrow has shown that he can be the guy in Cincinnati as well.

Will Frost (@willfrost_): Joe Burrow
Original Pick: Joe Burrow

  • A born winner, Joe Burrow is dragging a rather lacklustre Bengals roster – and coaching staff, to be far more competitive than the team has any right to be. He may not finish with as many wins as fellow rookie Justin Herbert, but Burrow’s play and potential has been in a different stratosphere than the 2-5-1 record suggests. 

Michael “Angelo” Larson (@Larstradamas): Joe Burrow
Original Pick: Joe Burrow

LARSON FUN FACT #453- Mikey likes the Star Wars prequels.

Defensive Rookie of the Year

Ryan Smith (@MrBroSports): Patrick Queen
Original Pick: Chase Young

  • This was a tough pick for me, because if we’re being honest, I haven’t been blown away by any rookie defenders. C.J. Henderson started the season strong, but faltered as the went along. I like Chase Young as a prospect, but it almost feels like he’s lost in the shuffle of a competitive Washington defensive line. However, Mr. Queen has done nothing but shine in his role with the team, reaffirming my suspicion that anyone can look good at linebacker behind a big enough defensive line.

Ryan Seiple (Twitterless): Patrick Queen
Original Pick: Patrick Queen (Editor’s Note: I retract my Lol)

  • This prediction actually does not change. Patrick Queen has been stellar in the middle of that Baltimore defense, no matter how low his Pro Football Focus grade might be. Coming into Week 8, Patrick Queen has recorded: 44 tackles, four tackles for loss, two sacks, two forced fumbles, two fumble recoveries, and one fumble return touchdown. Queen has been a force to be reckoned with in Baltimore and is on the road to some postseason hardware.

Will Frost (@willfrost_): Patrick Queen
Original Pick: Chase Young

  • Patrick Queen is beginning to step up and fulfill his role as the next middle linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens. Chase Young still seems to be the odds on favourite for the award, however with Washington languishing around the base of a pitiful NFC East it’s tough to believe anyone from that division is going to be garnering attention when it comes to award season.

Michael “Angelo” Larson (@Larstradamas): Patrick Queen
Original Pick: Chase Young

LARSON FUN FACT #98765- Mikey doesn’t mute during BroSports Among Us Discord calls, allowing us to hear him burning eggs, eating an entire bag of cheetos, and screaming when a rat crawls over his foot.

Comeback Player of the Year

Ryan Smith (@MrBroSports): Ben Roethlisberger
Original Pick: Cam Newton

  • There was a moment, early in the season, where my pick looked really, really good. Then, for whatever reason, Cam Newton fell apart. Now, Ben Roethlisberger of the league’s lone undefeated team is the runaway favorite. Boo.

Ryan Seiple (Twitterless): Ben Roethlisberger
Original Pick: Alex Smith

  • Coming into the season I said Alex Smith would win this award. Despite his comeback being inspiring and improbable, it hasn’t led to much production on the field. Heading into Week 8, the Steelers are the only remaining undefeated team and that is thanks in no small part to Ben Roethlisberger. His comeback has brought improvements to the entire Pittsburgh offense from last year.

Will Frost (@willfrost_): Ben Roethlisberger
Original Pick: Ben Roethlisberger

  • Called it before the season, calling it again now. The Pittsburgh Steelers are the only undefeated team left in the NFL and Ben Roethlisberger is doing just enough to keep his team in the win column. We’ve seen this award given to middle-tier quarterbacks in the midst of a career resurgence (see: Tannehill, Ryan) and Big Ben’s bounce back year is enough to make this an easy decision for voters. Especially if they manage to reclaim the AFC North. 

Michael “Angelo” Larson (@Larstradamas): Ben Roethlisberger
Original Pick: Alex Smith

LARSON FUN FACT #5- Mikey has never beaten Ryan Smith in Madden.

Coach of the Year

Ryan Smith (@MrBroSports): Bruce Arians
Original Pick: Kliff Kingsbury

  • I really like what Kliff Kingsbury has done in Arizona this year, and I think the Cardinals are probably a playoff team. I would also argue that he probably has the most to do with his team’s success of any COTY candidate, but Tampa Bay is barreling towards the post-season, and I can’t help but feel like the voters will go with sizzle over steak.

Ryan Seiple (Twitterless): Mike Tomlin
Original Pick: Bruce Arians

  • I have Mike Tomlin penciled in here. A case can be made for this award when your team sees as much improvement from one year to the next as the Steelers have, and Tomlin could’ve won the award last year too considering how well Pittsburgh did despite all of their roadblocks. If the Steelers continue to win games like they have, look for Tomlin to be a lock for this.

Will Frost (@willfrost_): Mike Tomlin
Original Pick: Sean Payton

  • Coaching the best team in the NFL a year after hovering around .500, the quick turnaround in Pittsburgh is down to so much more than not having Mason Rudolph under center. This Steelers team is a shining example of Mike Tomlin’s excellence. In a period that could have quickly led to the end of Tomlin’s tenure he has managed to right the ship and get great production on both sides of the ball. Far and away the best coaching job of 2020.

Michael “Angelo” Larson (@Larstradamas): Bruce Arians
Original Pick: Bruce Arians

LARSON FUN FACT #0- You can hear more from Mikey by checking out NOTHING BUT SPORTS on Facebook and YouTube.


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