Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Fourteen

Hectic Week here at BroSports, so regrettably, our picks will come at ya short and sweet. It’s a lightning round week.

Overall Record: 124-69
Record: 10-5

Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Fourteen

New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Rams: Los Angeles Rams

The NFC West is WILD this year. There are three teams in the hunt, imagine what could’ve been if the 49ers didn’t get so banged up right off the bat. The NFC West could’ve been the first division to send four teams. Rams get the dub here because they’re at home, and this is a must win for them.

Minnesot a Vikings @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs get the win here because the Vikings are juuuust below the threshold of good teams. They’re completely dependent on Dalvin Cook to carry them, and the Bucs defense is exceptional at stopping the run.

Arizona Cardinals @ New York Giants: New York GIants

How crazy is this? Believe it or not, Joe Judge has actually built a pretty decent defensive culture in MetLife already. I think at home, their defense startles Kyler Murray, and the Giants keep marching towards a NFC East championship. In 2020. Wow.

Kansas City Chiefs @ Miami Dolphins: Kansas City Chiefs

Weird things happen in Miami, make no mistake. But I am not optimistic that they can hang with Kansas City, who suddenly has a shot at a first round bye.

Tennessee Titans @ Jacksonville Jaguars: Tennessee Titans

Fresh off a beatdown, the Titans are out for blood. Derrick Henry loves playing these Jaguars, and honestly, the Jaguars shouldn’t be trying to win games anyway, lest the Jets accidentally win a game.

Dallas Cowboys @ Cincinnati Bengals: Cincinnati Bengals

I might live to regret this one. On paper, the Cowboys should eat the Bengals alive. But assuming Zac Taylor has any common sense at all (HUGE MAYBE), he’ll realize that he has a pretty good running back in Joe Mixon, and that the Dallas Cowboys have a historically bad run defense. I don’t know, but 1+1 still =2 last time I checked.

Houston Texans @ Chicago Bears: Houston Texans

This game could really go either way, but I chose the Houston Texans because absolutely nothing is funnier to me than watching Deshaun Watson destroy the Bears while Mitch Trubisky sits on the sideline. Jamarcus Russell was bad, but Trubisky over Mahomes and Watson might be worse.

Denver Broncos @ Carolina Panthers: Carolina Panthers

This game could really go either way. Denver played Kansas City pretty tough last week, but Drew Lock is still really, really, really, really, absolutely, truly terrible. Panthers get the edge here.

New York Jets @ Seattle Seahawks: Seattle Seahawks

I think that Seattle might’ve overlooked the New York Giants last week, and it cost them. Now they have to refocus, and stay above water to remain in NFC West contention. Fortunately, the Jets are trying to go 0-16, as we saw with Gregg Williams’ intentional tank last week, and yes, it was intentional, don’t @ me. Hawks win by 21.

Indianapolis Colts @ Las Vegas Raiders: Las Vegas Raiders

I know the Raiders needed a hilariously bad playcall and a hail mary to beat the worst team of all time last week, but hear me out. It seems like the Raiders have developed the nasty habit of playing to the level of their opponent. They hung with Kansas City, but then got smoked by Atlanta, before sneaking out a win against the Jets. This is a good team that lacks discipline. Fortunately, the Colts are a playoff squad, so the Raiders will bring their A game.

It doesn’t hurt that Rivers is injured, Indy is starting their third string tackle, and their corners are absolutely dreadful. This is Derek Carr’s game to win or lose.

Washington Football Team @ San Fransisco 49ers: San Fransisco 49ers

This could actually go either way. The WFT have a lot of heart, and seem to be playing on a bit of a hot streak right now. I’m only picking San Fran because it seems like they can hang with just about anyone, regardless of who is or isn’t healthy.

New Orleans Saints @ Philadelphia Eagles: New Orleans Saints

Doug Pederson should’ve been fired forever ago, but now the rumor is he’s quitting after this season. When the captain quits, the ship sinks. Saints roll.

Atlanta Falcons @ Los Angeles Chargers: Atlanta Falcons

Don’t even tune into this game until the fourth quarter, because both of these teams have a propensity for blowing huge leads late. I’m only picking the Falcons because much like Philadelphia, LA’s head coach is a dead man walking. Falcons steal a gritty win on the west coast.

Green Bay Packers @ Detroit Lions: Green Bay Packers

I wish Aaron Rodgers had to play in a competitive division. He’s always in the MVP conversation and I can’t help but feel like that’s because his division is, year in and year out, one of the worst in football.

Pittsburgh Steelers @ Buffalo Bills: Pittsburgh Steelers

I was really excited to pick Buffalo in this game two weeks ago, but with everything going on, the Steelers are going to be extra motivated to come up north and put on a show. It’s too bad, really.

Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns: CLEVELAND BROWNS

Earlier this season, I said the Browns would beat the Ravens the next time they played, andI meant it. Monday Night Football in Cleveland, hot off a dominant win over Tennessee (mostly) facing a Ravens team off a short week that is FRAUDULENT. My biological son, Baker Mayfield, avenges the theft of the franchise from 20 years ago and essentially puts the final nail in Baltimore’s season.

…Or the Ravens win by 21. It’s Ravens/Browns so… ya know…


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