Ryan Smith’s Perfect Power Rankings (May Edition)

I wrote that article about contenders and pretenders yesterday based on Dan Hanzus’s power rankings, and I got to thinking about how bad his were. The New Orleans Saints without Drew Brees over the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Tennessee Titans? The healthy Dallas Cowboys behind the masters of mediocrity, my Las Vegas Raiders?

So I thought to myself, I said, “self, I think you can do it better.”

Ryan Smith’s Perfect Power Rankings (May Edition)

1. Power

2. Rankings

3. Are

4. Stupid

5. And

6. Serve

7. No

8. Legitimate

9. Purpose

10. Even

11. In

12. A

13. Business

14. Based

15. On

16. Subjective

17. Speculation

18. Nobody

19. Is

20. An

21. Expert

22. On

23. All

24. 32

25. Teams

26. And

27. We

28. All

29. Have

30. Personal

31. Biases

32. The Houston Texans


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