Ranking the AEW Debuthausens

AEW has been a gift to the professional wrestling world since it was announced on BTE on New Year’s Day back in 2019. Finally, a wrestling company about wrestling. WCW’s production with Ring of Honor’s work rate, a true “alternative” for fans of wrestling and sports entertainment. One of AEW’s signatures has been consistently producing debuts and returns that nobody would’ve thought possible. If you told a wrestling fan in 2018 that CM Punk, Bryan Danielson, Christian, and Jon Moxley would be wrestling for the same company, even if that company were WWE, they would tell you that you were crazy.

So today, I’m going to countdown the absolute best debuts in AEW history.

Ranking the AEW Debuthausens

1. Danhausen, AEW Dynamite (1/26/2022)

This is the only debut in professional wrestling that has ever mattered. Bigger than Hogan in WCW, better than AJ Styles in WWE, I don’t even know why I bothered looking up anything else, this is the best one. Thanks for reading, reminder that there is no swearing allowed in the comment section or you will be cursed.


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