Martin McConnell’s Final 2022 Mock Draft

25. Buffalo Bills- Breece Hall, RB, Iowa State

I’m personally of the opinion that you shouldn’t draft a running back with your first round pick unless you’re playing fantasy football. But the Bills simply don’t have a ton of holes on this roster, except for the running back spot. Josh Allen is great, and he’s huge, and a great runner. But the Bills are going to grind his knees into dust if he keeps being the team’s leading rusher every year. This team needs a running back.

26. Tennessee Titans- George Karlaftis, DE, Purdue

Mike Vrabel is going to adore having George Karlaftis on his football team. Karlaftis is a huge, angry man, and that’s what the Titans love to draft. The best part? Unlike Isaiah Wilson, another huge and angry man drafted by the Titans, Karlaftis is actually good at football. His bull rush is something to be feared and respected by NFL linemen, and he’s going to be a force on the Titans’ defense for years to come if this pick happens.

27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Lewis Cine, S, Georgia

Lewis Cine is my kind of safety. He might not have the versatility, freakish athleticism, and linebacker skills of Kyle Hamilton, but he’s easily the second best safety in this class in my opinion. Cine is going to hit like a truck, he loves to tackle, and he’s a leader for the defensive secondary. The Bucs got better offensively when Tom Brady came back, and now they’re retooling on defense with Cine. You have to think they’re the top dogs in the NFC again this year.

28. Green Bay Packers- Travis Jones, DT, UConn

Just like Pickens, Travis Jones is going to go way higher than people think he is. Jones is an impressive specimen, almost like Jordan Davis, but in a different way. His technique and array of speed moves allows him to blow by linemen and he can overpower them when he wants to. Most guys who weigh 325 pounds don’t move like Jones does. They just don’t.

29. Kansas City Chiefs- Daxton Hill, S, Michigan

The Chiefs need guys on defense who can play multiple positions, and Daxton Hill fits that bill absolutely perfectly. Kansas City can’t afford to sit back in the AFC West arms race, and now they’re trying to slow down three extremely potent offenses within their division. Hill has game-flipping skills and plays much bigger than he is on tape.

30. Kansas City Chiefs- David Ojabo, DE, Michigan

And now, for a surprise tool that will be able to help the Chiefs later on. While Kansas City can’t afford to sit back on the laurels of their six straight AFC West titles, they can stock up on some pieces. Michigan’s David Ojabo provides them a perfect opportunity to do just that. Ojabo recently injured his Achilles, and he probably won’t be able to play at all his rookie year. That doesn’t mean he can’t be an impact player for the Chiefs in the future.

31. Cincinnati Bengals- Tyler Linderbaum, C, Iowa

The Bengals need an interior offensive line oh, so badly. Iowa’s Tyler Linderbaum might be the best center prospect of the last decade, maybe even longer. The fact that he’s fallen this far is a dream come true for Cincinnati, and nothing short of a miracle for Joe Burrow. Linderbaum might be a bit light for a center at 290 pounds, but he’s going to be a mauler in space for this offensive line.

32. Detroit Lions- Desmond Ridder, QB, Cincinnati

Rounding out the first round, we come to our fourth quarterback. For as much as Detroit might like Jared Goff, they know that he’s replaceable. Grabbing a quarterback with a first round pick means getting that fifth-year option on him. If Desmond Ridder hits, he’s the exact kind of player that Dan Campbell would be thrilled to have. He’s great at everything, not elite at any one thing, and projects nicely as a Dak Prescott-esque quarterback in the right system.


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