How AEW Can Fix Jonathan Gresham

My Solution

AEW’s given me a bit of a launching pad for Gresham, seeing as I actually like the idea of putting him in a heel faction. I think that Toa Liona and Kaun can be a fun, hulking-brute style of tag team, Brian Cage is okay, but I take issue with having Tully Blanchard in this group. For as much as I really just do not care about him, having Tully in a faction immediately makes him the head of the faction. If you’re going to make Jonathan Gresham a star, then Gresham needs to be the leading man in this faction. So here’s what you do.

Instead of “Tully Blanchard Enterprises,” you can take after Gresham’s current character, naming this new faction “The Foundation.” Already a better start. Now, one area of Gresham’s current faction that I actually find very interesting is that it’s him, a notably small wrestler, and a bunch of huge dudes. Let’s spin this new Foundation faction that way.

I think the character that Gresham is trying to go for already, where he’s a smarter-than-you heel who makes his lackeys in Tully’s group do his bidding, is okay. Let’s expand upon that. If we make Gresham the leader of this group, and we’re calling it the Foundation (or the New Foundation, something like that), it seems to me like there’s one way to go, character-wise. Make Jonathan Gresham a mob boss-esque kingpin character who, if you cross him, will put a hit out on you. Only when you’ve exhausted all his other options, is when he’ll come out of the shadows to tear you apart himself.

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