The 2022 Detroit Lions Are Going To Disappoint You

A Fair Analysis Of The Fighting Dan Campbells

Dan Campbell is awesome. When I say that, I truly do mean it in so many different ways. For starters, Campbell’s a living, breathing soundbite machine, which makes him pretty much automatically likable to media dweebs like myself. In his introductory press conference, Campbell talked about how he wanted his version of the Lions to be “biting some kneecaps off” and paired that with a reference to how he looked like Jeff Bridges’s character in The Big Lebowski.

To go along with that, he’s essentially revolutionized the caffeine consumption business. In one of his most famous soundbites, Campbell describes what is perhaps the most unhinged Starbucks order in human history, in the form of two large iced coffees with two shots of espresso, each, every single morning.

I’ve done all this waxing poetic about Dan Campbell, and I haven’t even talked about perhaps my favorite thing about him: his approach to the game of football.

Campbell is a simple man, and I like that about him. What I really love is that this simplicity bleeds into the way he thinks about football. That’s not to say that Campbell is some meathead who has no idea what he’s talking about. In fact, it’s a good thing, because football is an easy game that some people try to make really hard, and Campbell doesn’t play that way. I’m sure there’s more going on behind the scenes, but to the average viewer, Detroit’s philosophy is very “see ball, get ball” and is based upon out-physicaling and out-efforting you. And unfortunately, I fear that may be the Lions’ downfall.

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