2023 NFL Draft Quarterback Preview

Yeah, that’s right. I’m ahead of the game, boys. Took four months off, and now I’m back in the saddle. It’s time to talk about the NFL Draft. With the brand new college football season upon us, I wanted to take the opportunity to get you all acquainted with the names and faces of some of the quarterbacks you’ll be hearing about eight months from now. Is it important for you to know who all these people are right now? No, good lord, absolutely not. Well, maybe a little bit, just to get you familiarized. But I’m a nerd and I got the itch to write up some quick draft profiles, so let’s get started.

I realize I haven’t done a very good job of making you want to read this. It’s way too early for draft talk… right? Alright, let me put it this way for you. I’m like the dad who takes you to the airport about three hours earlier than you probably need to be at the airport. Yeah, you had to get up at 4:30 in the morning on a day where you’re already going to be miserably sitting in a tinfoil cylinder with a bunch of other, equally-miserable people and probably a crying baby or two. But think about it: you’re already there, ahead of all the other people, no rush, no line, just you and your little overpriced coffee, maybe a Cinnabon, and you’re ready to go. And you thank your excessively over-prepared dad for micromanaging you because damn it, this is actually kinda nice!

Got it? Good.

We’ll be running through five different quarterbacks. Two of them, you probably know about already. The other three? You may, or you may not. But either way, you’re going to learn today.

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