2023 NFL Draft Defensive Secondary Preview

Your over-prepared airport trip dad is back and better than ever. College football is just mere days away now, and we’re going to run through some position groups quick and fast, to make sure you’re brushed up for the NFL Draft. After all, it’s only 242 days away (at the time of writing)! Gotta keep you on your toes.

We’ll finish out this preseason preview with the defense secondary, some of the hardest positions to play in all of football. As always, I’ll be covering the top two at each position, and this edition is cornerbacks and safeties. I found it difficult to rank these position groups not because there’s so much volatility, as I feel there’s a pretty clear top guy at either position, but because there are so many things that these positions need to do. It’s not easy to be a run-stopping safety who is also good against the pass and can play in the box as a sub-package linebacker. Unless you’re Kyle Hamilton from last year, that is. But I digress.

Let’s get started.

Previous editions: Quarterbacks, Skill Players, Offensive Line, Front Seven

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