NFL Snap Reactions (2022): Week One

Davis Mills: Baller?

The Texans may not have come away with the win, but they didn’t take a loss either during week one. Part of that semi-success was the play of Davis Mills for Houston, as he led the Texans down the field to sustained drives on more than one occasion. Mills threw a couple of touchdowns to help the Texans out to a big lead, and kept the game clean with no interceptions. Is he a perfect quarterback? No. But there might actually be something here.

Houston’s defense gave up far too much to Matt Ryan and the Colts during the fourth quarter, allowing Indy to crawl their way back into the game to force overtime, and eventually a tie. The Colts should be thanking their lucky stars tonight, as I think Houston could have won this game easily if not for their defense totally falling apart. The Colts came up just short in their pursuit of 1-0 in overtime, but it’s Houston who should be ashamed of themselves.

Cade York Is Awesome

I can’t lie, this is a homer pick. But it had to be. For the Browns, for their fans, and especially for one Panthers quarterback in Baker Mayfield, this game was one that mattered. After leaping out to a 17-7 lead in the first half, the Browns didn’t get much help from their quarterback in the later stages of the game. The Panthers were up 24-23 with about one minute left on the clock. Cleveland knew what they were getting into when they traded for Deshaun Watson, and eleven games of Jacoby Brissett, of a performance like this, was certainly part of the package.

It wasn’t all bad, as Brissett was able to engineer a drive to help the Browns get into position for a game-winning 58-yard field goal attempt. It should be noted that Cade York, Cleveland’s rookie kicker from LSU, was a perfect 3/3 coming into this kick, but the four makes came on much shorter attempts. But, as he became so famous for in Baton Rouge, York drilled this one as well to lift Cleveland over the Panthers, 26-24. The Browns are 1-0 for the first time since 2004, if only because of a rookie kicker. Isn’t that just so Browns?

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