NFL Snap Reactions (2022): Week Three

For all that happens in the NFL, you just can’t keep up with everything. You shouldn’t be expected to have to wade through all the muck of the NFL season to figure out what’s really important. So, I’ve taken the liberty of doing that sifting work for you. This week had one big fantasy football coming out party in Houston, a wild game in Detroit, and a worrying reveal about some of the league’s supposed “top teams.” These are my five most knee-jerkish snap reactions from week four of the 2022 NFL season. Let’s get rolling.

NOTE: I write this column during Sunday Night Football every week. Thus, anything during Monday Night Football will not be covered.

The Bills Are Human After All

Through two weeks, the Buffalo Bills looked like more than the best team in football. In fact, they looked
completely invincible. This invincibility came not from a place of strength, but actually a place of
weakness. There were mistakes galore in Buffalo’s first two games, and yet, they were already a well-
oiled killing machine, fronted by a buzzsaw made out of laser beams named Josh Allen. Then, they ran
into perhaps this year’s most surprising team: the Miami Dolphins.

The Dolphins were a recipe for disaster against Buffalo this week, due to the sheer amount of injuries the
Bills had sustained in the defensive backfield. Both Micah Hyde and Jordan Poyer (among others) were
out for Sean McDermott and Co. and Buffalo felt those absences in a major way. With two receivers like
Tyreek Hill and Jaylen Waddle, Miami was free to abuse the Bills’ secondary in a variety of ways. I still
think I take the Bills in the next matchup between these two, but the seeds of doubt have been sown.

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