NFL Snap Reactions (2022): Week Three

Trevor Lawrence Knows What He’s Doing Out There

I hesitate to crown the Jacksonville Jaguars as “good” just yet, but man, they’re making it hard for me to
resist that coronation. What I will say is that Trevor Lawrence sure does look like the real deal. After a
rocky start with some flashes, under the tutelage of perhaps the worst coaching staff in NFL history last
season, Lawrence has emerged as exactly what all the draft nerds expected him to be, coming out of
Clemson: really good. Lawrence threw for three touchdowns on the day en route to a dominating
Jacksonville victory.

It must be said that the Los Angeles Chargers were not at full strength for this game; not by a long shot.
Not only was LA missing two of their starting linemen, perhaps their two most important ones in Rashawn
Slater and Corey Linley, but star quarterback Justin Herbert really shouldn’t have been playing. That
doesn’t change the fact that Lawrence was totally slinging it though, along with the rest of the Jags’
budding roster playing extremely well. Nice job, Duval. I’m excited to see if it’s sustainable.

The Philadelphia Eagles Are For Real

I am so happy to be able to report that the Eagles are not only extremely fun, but they’re quite the team. I
was high on Philadelphia coming into this season, as were many others, and anointed them as my annual
NFC darling team. Howe Roseman has cooked up a deliciously fun squad in Phillv, and with Jalen Hurts
at the controls, the potential is seemingly limitless. Along with the Eagles’ defense, Hurts adds a
dimension to this team that has an opportunity to be truly special.

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