2023 NFL Draft No. 1 Pick Power Rankings: Week Four

3. Bryce Young, QB, Alabama

I’ve talked Bryce Young vs C.J. Stroud to death, especially on this list, and we’re only four weeks in. The debate is absolutely going to continue throughout the season, and even into the offseason with the NFL Combine and the NFL Draft itself. I’m not ready to claim that Young has lost this race, there’s really nothing he could do right now to win or lose it right now. But that being said, I certainly think the scales are beginning to lead toward Stroud’s direction right now.

Young was fantastic on Saturday against Vanderbilt, tossing four touchdowns and zero picks. It was the classic “clean game” for Young once again, as he completed nearly 70% of his passes against the Commodores. I know I say this every week, but my biggest gripe with Young is that he’s very small for the quarterback position. He’s not Kyler Murray, but he’s not quite as big as Russell Wilson either. This is a problem, and it will haunt Young throughout the draft process. We’re splitting hairs here this week, and I have to give Stroud and Anderson the nod right now over Young.

4. Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Will Levis is a total wild card for me; I can’t figure out if he’s actually good or not, and it’s driving me nuts. I wrote about Anthony Richardson a lot earlier this year, and about how he’s an athlete playing quarterback right now. Levis is the same. Both of these quarterbacks have such unique arm talent, and sets of physical gifts, but they’re a bit erratic in their play style. Levis is starting to clean it up, which, between the two of them, is the opposite of what I expected.

Will Levis is playing much cleaner football than I had expected from him, with four touchdowns and no interceptions against Northern Illinois in week four. Levis needs to work on his consistency in games against higher level competition, but I have to admit I’m seriously impressed with most of his performances so far. Maybe putting mayonnaise in your coffee isn’t all that bad.


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