NFL Snap Reactions (2022): Week Four

Dameon Pierce Is Your New Fantasy Darling

Please let the record show that coming into this draft cycle, Florida running back Dameon Pierce was on my “My Guys” list. Pierce was one of my favorite prospects in the 2022 NFL Draft, and I believed that the Texans getting their hands on him on day two could really give their offense the juice it had been missing. For the first three games of the season, Pierce went relatively unused. Today against the Chargers, he made himself known to the NFL world.

Pierce ripped off a 75-yard touchdown run against Los Angeles, and went for went for 131 rushing yards on the day. Additionally, the rookie racked up six receptions for eight yards, which gave him a nice boost in PPR fantasy leagues. If the Texans know what’s good for them, they’ll keep using Pierce as a primary weapon as they hope to rebuild their offense in Lovie Smith’s image. He’s such an explosive runner, and I can’t wait to see what Pierce does next.

Bad Football Can Be Wildly Fun

I’m going to keep this one short and sweet, because if you haven’t gotten around to checking out the game between the Seahawks and Lions from this week, you really owe it to yourself. I’ll even include the highlight package at the bottom here. This game was magic, and I really mean that. If you love offensive outbursts from two teams that really shouldn’t be capable of them, this is absolutely the game for you. There were over 1,000 offensive yards in this one, and the quarterbacks were Geno Smith and Jared Goff. It was wonderful. Here’s the link to the highlight package that I promised.

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