NFL Snap Reactions (2022): Week Four

It’s Kenny Pickett Time, No Matter What

There’s no going back now. Last week, my fellow writer Ryan Seiple wrote a piece detailing just why the Steelers should switch to Kenny Pickett in favor of Mitch Trubisky. Halfway through this week’s game against the Jets, Seiple got his wish. Pickett’s first pass was immediately picked off, and although he did rush for a touchdown, he threw two more interceptions throughout the course of the half. Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter at all.

You have to see what you have in Pickett, and it’s no use pulling him out now. The worst thing you could possibly do to a young quarterback is keep pulling him in and out of games. Not only does it take him out of any sort of offensive rhythm, but it totally breaks his confidence. It’s Pickett’s show in the Steel City now, and there’s nothing to be done about it. The Steelers made their bed with the rookie by putting him in at all. Now, for both better and worse, they’ll have to lie in it, and deal with the consequences.

The Cowboys Will Be Fine

I didn’t realize that Cooper Rush was going to turn into an actual quarterback when the Cowboys needed him to. Since taking over for the injured Dak Prescott, Rush has wins over the Bengals, and two divisional victories over the Giants and Commanders. Dallas is going to be fine until Dak returns, even if Rush doesn’t stay undefeated in his starts. The schedule is up and down for the ‘Boys through the next few weeks, but Rush has proven to be something of a steady presence.

Of course, I don’t think Rush needs to stay on the field once Dak Prescott makes his triumphant return to Jerryworld. But with that being said, it’s nice that the Cowboys have someone back there who they actually trust. It’s likely going to be a two team race between Dallas and Philadelphia for that divisional title, and not losing major ground in that race while Rush is at the helm is a massive luxury for Dallas to be able to have. Let’s see him keep doing it, I think it could be a lot of fun.


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