NFL Snap Reactions (2022): Week Five

Nick Chubb Is The NFL’s Best Running Back

What am I, if not a constantly-blathering mouthpiece for Nick Chubb propaganda? Even in a loss, the fifth-year running back out of Georgia proved to the NFL world once again that he is the best pure runner in the league today. Chubb’s combination of balance, patience, power, and speed was on full display against a struggling Chargers run defense in week five. In all, Chubb went for 134 yards and two touchdowns, and averaged very nearly eight yards per carry.

Why the Browns chose not to run with Chubb to get themselves in better range for a Cade York game-winner is beyond me. I understand the notion that it’s better to have an incomplete pass than a run when you have no timeouts, but surely Cleveland could have afforded one big run from Chubb to help York out a bit. Even still, Chubb continues to prove himself as a force on the ground game in such a pass-happy league. I am thrilled that I get to watch him every week. I’ve wanted Chubb on my team since 2017, and I’ve never been disappointed.

Justin Tucker Truly Is The GOAT

In a game where Lamar Jackson played nowhere near up to his standards, it would have cost almost any other team. Jackson had been in MVP form for the first four weeks of this young season, but on Sunday Night Football, he just looked off against the Cincinnati Bengals. But, the Ravens are not just any team. Instead, they have perhaps the NFL’s premier weapon when late in close games. It’s not a receiver, running back, cornerback, or defensive end. Not even Lamar Jackson himself, a former MVP, could hope to take that honor. It’s Justin Tucker.

You don’t need me to tell you that the Texas product is possibly the greatest football kicker to ever live, but it bears repeating. I’m here to stake my claim once more that, definitively, Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker to ever play American football. He is now 26-for 27, that’s 96.3%, on lead-changing or game-winning field goals in the fourth quarter and overtime. Tucker is a cyborg with the inability to feel nervous, and his consistency in close games terrifies me. It’s awesome.

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