2023 NFL Draft Cheat Sheet: Quarterbacks

QB3: Anthony Richardson, Florida

Anthony Richardson has a rocket-propelled grenade grafted to his right shoulder. This dude’s arm is absolutely unbelievable. As the Ringer’s NFL Draft show said in January, he’s the first Josh Allen since Josh Allen, who actually deserves the Josh Allen comparison. His blend of athleticism and strength for 6’4, 232, is frankly something you don’t see every year, or even every five years.

Where my problems lie is with basically everything else. Like Allen, Richardson is extremely raw and is going to need plenty of time to get into an NFL oven and bake for a while. There are moments where you can see everything fit together for him for maybe a play or two, but those are few and way too far between. I’m nervously optimistic.

Archetype: Horrifically inaccurate nuclear missile launcher

QB4: Will Levis, Kentucky

NFL teams are going to love Will Levis, but an NFL general manager I am absolutely not. Levis is huge, about as big as Richardson, but all of the traits that pro scouts love in him seem to just be… watered down versions of Richardson’s. It’s odd. He has good tools, and a nice arm, but nothing great when you compare him to what Florida’s got going on.

Levis has bad pocket presence, especially for someone who’s been in college for so long. He’s already 23, and the tools are good but not eye-popping. He tends to freelance too much, but NFL teams are going to love his rah-rah leadership style. He’s going to be the No. 1 pick, mark my words.

Archetype: That exact missile launcher, but not quite as good

QB5: Hendon Hooker, Tennessee

Hendon Hooker has great game feel, especially in big games like we saw against Alabama. He’s calm under pressure and is a smooth thrower of the football at all three levels of the field. That ball looks absolutely lovely when he releases it, basically every time.

Of course, I’m concerned about the ACL injury. I’m also concerned as to how much of his success was a product of Jalin Hyatt’s success with the volunteers this year. He also gets jumpy sometimes; it’s hard to describe. Hooker isn’t a first round talent, not by a long shot, but if he slips past day two I’ll be very surprised. The foundation here looks nice.

Archetype: Overly excited football-throwing savant

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