2023 Will Be the Season That Sees a Division Send Four Teams

Ever since the playoff field was expanded to include an additional team in each conference, people have been asking, when will one division send all four teams to the playoffs? It's a challenging feat, considering the four teams have 17 chances to win a game, and six of those come against each other, but not... Continue Reading →

NFL Awards: Week Five Edition

Offensive Player of the Week- Josh Allen, QB Buffalo Bills Josh Allen was nothing short of spectacular on Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers. His stellar game started off early, when backed up on his own two yard line, he slung a deep ball with ease to speedy receiver Gabriel Davis, who did the rest and... Continue Reading →

Tom Brady’s Guide to Free Agency

For the first time in his illustrious career, the living legend, Tom Brady, is an unrestricted free agent. Where should Tom go? Who should he sign with? Ryan wrote up a helpful travel guide to assist Tom on his journey.

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