MJF Is the Most Important Free Agent in Pro Wrestling History

The only thing we know for sure about Maxwell Jacob Friedman's future in professional wrestling is that it is bright. The decision he makes, whether it's now or in 2024, could change the future of the industry forever.

Addiction Hits Everyone, Even Professional Athletes

Oftentimes when a young athlete gets suspended for a drug test, people will say things like: “How stupid?” or “They couldn’t have waited until after their career was done?”. Sometimes it is just a simple mistake. Other times however, it tends to be more serious. Once athletes get to their second or third drug suspensions, you have to think that they have a problem. If they have an addiction, the answer to the previous question: “They couldn’t have waited until after their career is done?” would be no. That’s the worst part about addiction, it doesn’t take any time off.

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