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Jeff Goldblum doesn’t write for us, but I just wanted you to see that face before you read our bios and audibly groaned.

Ryan Smith

“Mr. BroSports” has been with the site since the very beginning, is responsible for more than 99% of the content available, and was part of the Ryan Smith Debacle. Ryan has been featured on Bleacher Report, several sportswriting sites such as the Raider Ramble, Sports-Stack, and Last Word on Sports, and holds the PAC-Man high score at the Philadelphia Dave and Busters.

This video is completely unrelated, I just really like horrible green day covers.

(Follow Ryan on Twitter- @RyFitHere)

Martin McConnell

One of the brightest up-and-coming writers in all of sports journalism, “Babyface Marty” McConnell has written just about something for just about everyone. You might know him from DailyDDT or NFLSpinZone or DawgPoundDaily or Sports-Stack or the Last Word on Sports network, or you might just know him from BroSports, the place you are now. If there’s a topic, Marty has a well-written opinion piece about it. Also he’s a Browns fan and was part of the Ryan Smith Debacle., so you know he’s tough.

(Follow Marty on Twitter- @Mart_M24)

Ryan Seiple

Despite having a different last name, NP’ other Ryan was also a part of the Ryan Smith Debacle. As clever as he is opinionated, Ryan has a brash take-no-prisoners style of writing where he simply states the facts, and he doesn’t have time for nonsense or Antonio Brown. Mr. Seiple previously wrote about the Pittsburgh Steelers on the Last Word on Sports writing network as well as some contributions to Sports-Stack.

He’s not salty, it’s just funny.

(Follow Ryan on Twitter- @Ryan_Seiple)

Michael Larson

You know how there’s just that one guy that follows you from job to job, no matter where you go, that you can’t stand, but then the one day he doesn’t show up, you’re kinda sad? That’s the story of Ryan Smith and Michael Larson. No matter where Ryan goes, Larson is there too, which means, that’s right, he was part of the Ryan Smith Debacle.

Beyond that, Larson’s done some good work for the Last Word on Sports network, the NBS Central app and YouTube channel, various radio shows, Sports-Stack, and if you click on the hyperlink attached to his name, you’ll feel inspired. If you watch the link below, you’ll feel sympathy shame.

(Follow Larson on Twitter- @Larstradamus)

Christopher “Papi” Bolden

The word wholesome is defined as “conducive to or promoting moral well-being” and honestly, that suits Mr. Bolden aka Papi perfectly, even if he was part of the Ryan Smith Debacle. Honestly, the reigning, defending, undisputed Father of the Year for at least every year that I’ve known him, Papi mostly spends his days working his tail off, rooting for the Falcons, writing the occasional article for us and Sports-Stack, and delivering the most intense twitter burns of all time. You think I’m kidding, click the link below.

(Follow Papi on Twitter- @Bolden7)

Conner Fleegle

So far, Mr. Fleegle has only been featured in the short-lived, oft-referenced, “Best in the World Challenge” podcast on BroSports, but keep an eye out for a litany of profanity-laced angry rants in the event that Lamar Jackson struggles this season. When he’s not building mansions with his bare hands, Conner is the voice of Washington College athletics. Mr. Fleegle previously contributed to Even though he wasn’t, he’s still loosely associated with the Ryan Smith Debacle.

Also, while looking for the previous video, we found this. So enjoy.

(Follow Conner on Twitter- @McFleegle)

William Frost

With a wit as sharp as his tongue, the man with easily the coolest name on this website will definitely start contributing to the website just as soon as he finishes celebrating Liverpool’s Champions League victory or lamenting the struggles of his Jacksonville Jaguars. From bold sports opinions to a questionable ranking of Kanye West’s best works, Frost doesn’t shy away from controversy. William can also be found writing about the Jacksonville Jaguars for, USA Today, Sports-Stack and held a plethora of positions with the Last Word on Sports network.

Fun fact about Will, he’s probably more responsible for the Ryan Smith Debacle than Ryan Smith is, but oh well, branding is branding.

(Follow William on Twitter- @WillFrost_)

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