2022 NFL Draft Cheat Sheet: Final Grades

AFC North

Cleveland Browns

I’m… hot and cold on Cleveland’s draft class. I think taking Martin Emerson in the third round is, quite frankly, nothing short of a massive reach. But at the same time, Perrion Winfrey at No. 108 overall is a steal rivaled by few in this class, and David Bell can fill the same “it’s 3rd and 6, go get that first down,” trustworthy receiver role as Jarvis Landry. Also, Cade York in the fourth round? A kicker in the fourth round? Hilarious. That counts for something.

Grade: C

Baltimore Ravens

Dude, the Ravens are just so good at this. Kyle Hamilton, Tyler Linderbaum, Travis Jones, David Ojabo, the laundry list of their draft riches goes on and on. Baltimore absolutely killed it. I’m not going to say any more, because I don’t need to. The Ravens cleaned house.

Grade: A+

Pittsburgh Steelers

Taking Kenny Pickett at No. 20 overall may have seemed like the best idea at the time, but looking back on how the rest of this quarterback class fell, it’s looking like a pretty big reach. But Pittsburgh made up for it with George Pickens and Demarvin Leal, both of whom I really like for them. Calvin Austin, I’m not too fussy on. Again, hot and cold for me, but I love the value they got for Pickens.

Grade: C+

Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals took Daxton Hill because they don’t want to pay Jessie Bates, and I don’t even like Daxton Hill. What a shame. Otherwise, I actually kinda dig their draft class. The reigning AFC champs got better on defense throughout the draft, specifically taking a flyer on one of my guys, Coastal Carolina’s Jeff Gunter. Cam Taylor-Britt is also a pretty interesting prospect! But I can’t look past Hill, I’m just not the biggest Dax Hill guy.

Grade: B-

AFC East

New England Patriots

I know we live in the “innocent until proven guilty” world with Bill Belichick’s draft habits, but like… what is he doing? This was reach, after reach, after reach. I even like Cole Strange out of Chattanooga! But like the now-viral video of Sean McVay, I thought he’d be there at No. 104, or even further down. I’ll hold my breathe on it because it’s Belichick, but I don’t like this class.

Grade: D

Miami Dolphins

There’s not a ton to work with here in Miami considering they only made four picks. Even then, I’m not a huge fan of this class. Channing Tindall was nice value in the third round, but I don’t love the player. Again, there’s just not much to write home about with this Dolphins class. Meh.

Grade: C-

Buffalo Bills

I love that the Buffalo Bills just take, tall, big, athletic freaks, and they just hope it works out. I think their draft philosophy is absolutely hysterical. Kaiir Elam feels like good value at No. 23, even if they had to trade up for him. They needed a running back and they got a good one in Georgia’s James Cook. Khalil Shakir in round five? Value is the name of the game for the Bills, and they are some smart shoppers.

Grade: B+

New York Jets

I know I said the Ravens absolutely killed it, but the Jets made their draft class look like chumps with their three-pick first round. The Jets came out of day one with my No. 6, No. 11, and No. 17 ranked players. Their day two and day three selections also impressied me! The Jets absolutely smashed this class. Joe Douglas had to nail this, and he definitely did. I’m so happy for Jets fans, and even happier for Zach Wilson. They needed this.

Grade: 100%, Home Run, Slam Dunk, A++

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