Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Thirteen

Boom! Look at that! Washed down Mom’s cooking with a great week! Let’s see if I can do it again in week 13.

Overall Record: 114-64
Record: 13-3

Ryan’s NFL Picks (2020): Week Thirteen

Cleveland Browns @ Tennessee Titans: Tennessee Titans

Instead of a football game, can we just have Nick Chubb and Derrick Henry fight at midfield? We didn’t get Godzilla vs. King Kong this year, so let these big backs battle to the death. Unfortunately, Roger Goodell is too busy making sure Baltimore and Pittsburgh get a glass of warm milk before bed to care about what we want, so it’ll have to be a football game, and I think it’s one that the Titans win.

Washington Football Team @ Pittsburgh Steelers: Pittsburgh Steelers

I wanted to pick the Washington Football Team here, just because I like their heart, but I don’t see it. The Steelers do have a penchant for playing down to bad teams, so anything is possible, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Las Vegas Raiders @ New York Jets: Las Vegas Raiders

If the Jets win this game, you might not get my picks anymore. I might quit sports. All of them. Forever. This website will start reviewing frozen pizza.

Jacksonville Jaguars @ Minnesota Vikings: Minnesota Vikings

After giving the Cleveland Browns all they could handle, the Jaguars came up short last week. Meanwhile the Vikings had to fight for their lives against the Carolina Panthers. The Vikes are banged up, but I think they’ll still effortlessly move the ball against the Jags.

Cincinnati Bengals @ Miami Dolphins: Miami Dolphins

Barring a special teams score, the Bengals were lifeless last week, meanwhile the Dolphins look to keep their playoff positioning in line with a dominant win at home.

Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans: Houston Texans

This is a sneaky pick, but the Texans are quietly heating up. They’ve won three of their last four, and if they can keep scoring, putting the pressure on Philip Rivers to keep up, I think they can win this one.

Detroit Lions @ Chicago Bears: Chicago Bears

The Lions are just hopeless at this point. I thought about picking them because sometimes an interim coach gives the team a boost… but I just don’t think the Lions have the talent.

New Orleans Saints @ Atlanta Falcons: Atlanta Falcons

With Taysom Hill under center, the Saints can’t pass, and Atlanta has one of the best run defenses in football. Just watch, I bet they steal this one.

New York Giants @ Seattle Seahawks: Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are gonna lock up the one seed in the NFC soon, based purely on the fact that they get to play against the NFC East. Hawks roll.

Los Angeles Rams @ Arizona Cardinals: Los Angeles Rams

This was a really tough pick for me. Neither team showed up last weekend, and their playoff lives are on the line. I wouldn’t be surprised either way, but it seems like Arizona has lost a bit of momentum lately, being one hail mary away from dropping their last four.

New England Patriots @ Los Angeles Chargers: New England Patriots

Don’t tell anyone, but after an awkward stumble, the Patriots have found their footing a little bit. They’ve won three of the last four and are sneaking back into the playoff picture… Don’t be surprised if they take advantage of a streaky Chargers squad.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Green Bay Packers: Green Bay Packers

On a short week, traveling to Green Bay, I don’t have high hopes for the Eagles. The Packers are gonna win this one easily.

Denver Broncos @ Kansas City Chiefs: Kansas City Chiefs

The Denver Broncos finally get Drew Lock back this weekend, so instead of a rookie practice squad receiver throwing two interceptions, their “quarterback of the future” can instead. How lovely.

Chiefs win by 24.

Dallas Cowboys @ Baltimore Ravens: Baltimore Ravens

The Dallas Cowboys are a joke this season. Assuming the Ravens are relatively COVID-free, they can run away with this one.

Buffalo Bills @ San Francisco 49ers: Buffalo Bills

The 49ers could feasibly steal this one. They seem to upset the most random teams. In a way, I think Kyle Shanahan is messing up here. The playoffs are out of reach, why not finish a rough season and add an elite draft prospect to a talented returning roster in 2021?

I think the Bills are good enough to win this one outright, but don’t be surprised if the 49ers show up instead.


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