2023 NFL Draft No. 1 Pick Power Rankings: Week Two

3. Will Anderson Jr., DE, Alabama

I’m a bit worried about Will Anderson’s status on this list right now. Perhaps it’s partially because most defenses refuse to go his way, but I haven’t seen Anderson dominate the box score like I was expecting to this season. Anderson is an impact player who makes life easier for the rest of his defense, we know this to be true about him. But part of me wishes that he’d have some of that impact and success for himself. Look at this play! I’d love to see more of this domination on passing downs.

Anderson definitely flashes on the tape; he jumps out at you at least a couple of times during every single game you watch. I just want to see more production out of him. Especially for a skinnier or smaller edge rusher, scouts are going to want proof of concept, and one sack through two games isn’t exactly the best way to get there. Just food for thought, and something to watch as the season progresses. I’m sure he’ll kick into gear with a huge game here or there.

4. Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Head to head wins are going to be big for this list, because I assume they’re big for scouts when evaluating players when the margins are on a razor’s edge between two prospects. I have to admit, I was not expecting Will Levis to look better than Anthony Richardson during the Wildcats’ visit to Gainesville on Saturday. I was wrong, it appears, as Levis lit up the field in Kentucky’s 26-16 win over Florida.

The knock on Levis is that the highs are astonishing, but the lows are so low. He is, as I’ve seen some put it, an athlete playing the quarterback position. He doesn’t know what he’s doing out there yet, but games like the one he had against Florida give me some faith that he can put it all together. He wasn’t exactly the shining beacon of cleanliness, as he did throw an interception, but his ability to hit on big plays is perhaps second to none in this class.

When Levis is on, he really does “get it.”

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