NFL Snap Reactions (2022): Week Three

The Atlanta Falcons Are Fun

Much like the Jaguars, I’m extremely hesitant to say that the Falcons are any good. They’re 1-2, with the
only win coming against a Seahawks squad that leaves a lot to be desired. That being said, the way that
they’re building their team is nothing short of “right up my alley.” I absolutely love it. Atlanta’s building a
basketball team out there, and it all runs through Arthur Smith. I’ve been critical of Smith in the past, but
his offensive philosophy of “let’s get some huge dudes out there” has followed him from Tennessee, and
it works just about everywhere.

Kyle Pitts and Drake London. These two make for a gigantic dynamic duo for the ages in Atlanta, for what
should hopefully be years to come. Pitts is truly a generational talent at the tight end position, and
London clearly has “the goods” to be a top receiver at the NFL level, once he gets acclimated to the
game. The Falcons are building a fun roster for whichever quarterback they draft in 2023, or perhaps
even Desmond Ridder at the tail end of this year. I adore what they’ve done with the place.

Nathaniel Hackett Doesn’t Have What It Takes

Right now, this is a predictive piece. I’m keeping it that way, because I have complete faith in Hackett and
the Broncos to completely fall apart in the second half. Hackett has shown quite clearly through two
weeks, and I believe that he’ll do it again. Russell Wilson may or may not still have it, but we’ll never know,
because Hackett won’t let his quarter-billion dollar signal-caller actually make plays on fourth down. Not
a great start.

I’ll be the first to say that I love Denver’s roster, including Wilson. He might be corny, but I do enjoy
Wilson’s style of play: that circus-shot, never-say-die, live-on-the-deep-shot type of offense is
extremely exciting. In conjunction with that, I believe the Broncos have a solid offensive line, along with
two of my favorite skill players in the league in Javonte Williams and Courtland Sutton. Patrick Surtain I is
one of my favorite corners in the NFL! The roster on paper is awesomely talented. But man, Hackett just
can’t hack it.

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